Metairie Injury Attorney Explains Car Accident Statistics

The most prevalent cause of injury in the United States is car accidents. Over thirty-seven thousand people die in auto crashes each year, while over two million are injured. Some individuals may sustain minor injuries, while others experience more severe injuries including disability. In most instances, this is a tragedy that could have been avoided. If you or a family member have been injured or killed in an auto accident, this attorney will explain your legal options.

After an accident, you may not be sure what to do. Insurance companies many be encouraging you to accept a quick settlement. It is enough for you to cope with your injuries and the impact on your life and income. This attorney understands the problem you will be facing after an accident.  The burden of medical bills and the financial strain due to lost income may be overwhelming.  Whether you have sustained a short term or a catastrophic injury, this Metairie attorney will help obtain the compensation that you are entitled to when you are a victim of a negligent motorist. He is an expert in recovering damages so that you can heal and recover from your injuries. For more information and to schedule a free consultation, visit

Peyton B. Burkhalter Law
2540 Severn Ave #129
Metairie, LA 70002
(504) 266-2044

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Personal Injury Attorney Explains Dog Bite Liability

If you have suffered a dog bite, in addition to a terrifying experience you may have emotional damage resulting from the attack.  As a consequence of a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries you received by filing a dog bite lawsuit.

The Upton Law Firm will assist the injured party to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost time, and therapy if needed. Depending on the extent of the attack, dog bite victims may also seek compensation for emotional trauma and pain and suffering. After a thorough review of all the information, this attorney will determine if you have a viable case. Tim Upton has a vast knowledge of general liability laws.  As a specialist in personal injury law, he will successfully present your case to provide the most favorable settlement.

The medical charges and the cost of rehabilitation in a dog bite lawsuit can be expensive. Often the emotional impact upon a victim of a dog attack can be much more extensive than the physical damage suffered. When victims suffer a loss of time from work,  the anxiety can be overwhelming including emotional pain and suffering.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury from the result of a dog bite, it is important to contact this Covington personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Louisiana has a statute of limitations which requires an injury lawsuit to be filed within a year of the attack.

The Upton Law Firm, LLC
304 East Boston Street
Covington LA 70433
(985) 624-7777

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Attorney Fights for Rights of Recycling Company

A famous family law / defense attorney decided to fight for a catalytic converter recycling company. These types of companies buy catalytic converters from the public and remove the valuable minerals and resell them to be used again for other applications. The issue at hand was the company was tricked into buying empty converters.

This is quite common in the business and can be hard to avoid especially if you are buying thousands of units at once. The buyer cannot tell how full each converter is until they are opened up. There are ways the materials inside the converter are removed and the converters are sealed back up again to be sold.

Fraud attorneys will regularly fight these types of cases because many times the fault lies far beyond the seller of the converters. Since these are sold in such large lots many times the seller is actually a reseller and had no knowledge of the exactly quality of the lots being sold and was just trusting the word of the initial buyer. This can get quite confusing and is best for the courts to settle. These cases are usually handled by state courts.

One way or another this will be made right it will depend on many factors and state courts usually taking several years and many times more money will be spent on court costs than actually on the converters. So the buyer has to be careful not to take this to far or it will be for not.

Best Divorce Lawyers in New Orleans

Once you enlist the services of a New Orleans divorce attorney, a professional relationship is created. It is such a relief to know that you have a skilled attorney by your side to who is experienced in all aspects of family law. Initially, he will educate you about divorce law in the state of Louisiana, as he investigates the facts of your case and prepares and files all the necessary court papers. His expert advice will help you to navigate through each step of the divorce. Although, he cannot guarantee the results, he can predict probable outcomes to prepare you for a course of action.

This relationship is the most effective when you are able to communicate the facts of your case with your lawyer to insure that he has all the information before proceeding. You certainly do not want him to advise you based on incomplete information. Your attorney may recommend that you and your spouse attempt an amicable divorce if at all possible. An uncontested divorce is much cheaper for all parties involved as well as being much quicker. Realize the importance of having an expert in family law by your side during this very emotional time of your life. Click here to read more.

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